The role of the University of Bologna in the MIROR Project is to give the psycho-pedagogical contribution to the MIROR platform implementation, collaborate on the formulation of the scenarios, define the experimental hypotheses, develop the experimental designs, carry out the experiments with different categories of children, teachers and university students, in different contexts and give the user’s feedback to the technical implementation process; to define and verify cognitive and pedagogical hypotheses on the “reflexive interaction” paradigm. UNIBO will collect all the experimental data and carry out the comparative analyses and it will also contribute to the Dissemination, Academic Exploitation and Industrial Exploitation planning.
Anna Rita Addessi – Coordinator
Anna Rita Addessi is a Permanent Researcher in Musicology at the University of Bologna. She gained the PhD in Systematic Musicology in 1995 and a Post-doc in Psychology of Music in 2000 at University of Bologna. She is Vice-President of ESCOM, member of the Executive Committee of ICMPC, and board member of MERYC. She is member representative for University of Bologna of RAIME. She’s member of the editorial board of Musicae Scientiae, International Journal of Music Education, Cogniçao & Artes Musicais, Infanzia. Her domains of expertise are cognitive musicology, music education and psychology of music. Her main research topics include: music learning/teaching and artificial intelligence, music knowledge as social representations, training of music teachers, early child music education, auditive music analysis, musical style and intertextuality. She has published Italian books and many academic articles in international journals. For the MIROR Project, she leaded the exploratory studies with children and the IRMS. Her research activity, and her consolidated research cooperation with the other MIROR partners set Dr Addessi in between the two competence areas of the project, playing a mediation and “gluing” role.
Luigi Guerra – Member of the Research Group
Luigi Guerra is the head of the Faculty of Education and professor of Technology of Education.
He is the responsible of the E-Learning Project of the University of Bologna. His expertise involved the management of an educational institution. He is a founder member and vice-president of ECCE (European Centre for Community Education), EGRIS (Europaische Gesellschaft fur regionale und interregionale Socialforschung), SIRD (Società Italiana di Ricerca Didattica). His main scientific interests include the technology of instruction, European education, curriculum and instruction, professional training of cultural practitioners, toys for education, pedagogy and planning. He has published widely in the field of technology of education and pedagogy. He is frequently invited to present, both internationally and nationally.
Laura Ferrari – Assistant Research Fellow
Laura Ferrari holds a degree in Education at the University of Bologna in 2002. She has a background as preschool teacher and nursery practitioner. Since 2003 she collaborates at the research project “DiaMuse: interactive reflexive musical systems for the music education” coordinator Anna Rita Addessi, University of Bologna. Since 2006, she is member of the research-action group on “the musical dimension of daily routines with under-four children” coordinated by Anna Rita Addessi. In 2008-2010 she carried out an observative protocol on “communication and vocal gestures in the early interactions among peers” realized during the International Course of Methodology in the scientific research for the music education, organized by the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna and SIEM-Italy. She is interested especially to the pedagogical and didactic aspects of the music education for early childhood as the collaborative learning, the child/new technologies interaction and the role of the teacher.
Felice Carugati – Member of the Research Group, Data Analysis
Felice Carugati is Full Professor of Developmental Psychology, in the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bologna. He has been Head of Department of Education (1993-1996). Member of Observatory of Research – University of Bologna. Visiting Professor at the Universities of Aix-en-Provence, Coimbra, Geneva, Grenoble, Neuchâtel, Lisboa, Nantes, Porto, Paris X, Rennes, Toulouse. Since 2000 he is Editor-in-Chief of the “European Journal of Psychology of Education”. Since 2007 he is Editor-in-Chief of “Psicologia dell’Educazione e della Formazione”. Since 2006 he is President of Scientific Commitee “Società Italiana di Psicologia dell’Educazione e della Formazione”. His main scientific interests are: socialisation processes in institutions and the families; social and personal identity; social categorisation; social interaction and cognitive development; social representations of development, education, learning and teaching; dynamics of diffusion of scientific knowledge and common sense; activity theory and cognitive functioning; social dynamics in assessment and evaluation of teaching, learning and social institutions; reasoning and decision making in social interaction; dissemination of information and communication technologies in educational and professional contexts, distance education in higher education. His is author of 150 publications.
Luisa Bonfiglioli – Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Luisa Bonfiglioli, graduated in piano under guidance of M° Luigi Mostacci (Conservatory of Music “G.B Martini”, Bologna) in 1994, she holds a degree in Psychology (summa cum laude) at the University of Bologna in 1997. In 1999 she attended the “Annual Post-Degree Course on Psychopathology of child development” (Faculty of Psychology, University of Bologna) and in 2001 the Music Therapy Diploma at the “Biennial Course of Professional Qualification in Music Therapy”, (C.E.F.I.G, Bologna). She completed her Ph.D. in General and Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, in 2006 (thesis regarding emotions induced by music listening and improvisation in music therapy). Since 2006 to May 2011 she has been a Research Fellow at the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, in Prof. Ricci Bitti research group. Her research interests mostly regard the relation between emotion and music in listening and improvisation, non verbal communication of emotion and emotion regulation.
Filomena Anelli – Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Filomena Anelli holds a Bachelor Degree in “Sciences of Behaviour and of Social Relations” (summa cum laude) at the University of Bologna in 2005 and a Master Degree in “Neuropsychology and Functional Rehabilitation in life-span” (summa cum laude) at the University of Bologna in 2007. She completed her post-lauream training at the Centre for Studies and Research in Cognitive Neuroscience of Cesena. In 2008 she obtained a Research Fellow at the University of Bologna in the FP7 european project “Emergence of communication in Robots through Sensorimotor and Social Interaction (ROSSI)”. In 2010 she won the “Young Investigator Award” of the Italian Association of Psychology. She completed her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Bologna in 2012, in the Embodied Cognition Group (supervisors prof. Borghi and prof. Nicoletti). Her main research interests concern: embodied cognition, social cognition, perception and action (object affordances), motor resonance, and joint action.
Rosane Cardoso de Araújo – Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, CNPq, Brazil
Professor at Federal University of Paraná with activities in Music Undergraduate Courses (music education) and Music Postgraduate Courses. Scholarship in Posdoctorate Studies Abroad by CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, of the Ministry for Science and Technology of Brazil). PhD in Music at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). Leader of Research Group “Formative and Cognitive Processes in Music Education” connected to CNPQ (National Council of Research and Development – Brazil). Editor in chief of the Journal “Revista Música em Perspectiva”. Member of the editorial board of the following Journals: “Cognition & Musical Arts”; “Per Musi”; “Revista o Mosaico”. Has the following previous titles: Regional Director of the Brazilian Association for Music Education (ABEM) – South Region (Brazil) – 2006/2010; Coordinator of the Music Postgraduate Courses at the Federal University of Parana (Brazil) 2006/2010. Her domain of expertise includes: music education, cognition, teacher education, musical practice and motivation, teacher training. She has various publications in magazines, books and conferences.
Marina Maffioli – Assistan Research Fellow
Marina Maffioli holds a degree in Pedagogy, University of Bologna. She obtained her Teaching Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance of London. She leads “educational dance” workshops for children ages 3-10 (Centro Mousikè in Bologna). She conducts courses for the teacher’s training and workshops at the Department of Education of the University of Bologna, addressing issues such expressive movement, music and movement. She is a participant to the research/planning group on movement and musical education for teachers of the above-mentioned Department. She teaches ballet at community organizations and private institutions. She is the co-founder of the publishing house Mousikè – Educational Projects, which publishes educational support material such as books and CDs. She is also a regular speaker at national and international conferences and contributes to several reviews of pedagogy, didactic and music, for which she writes articles concerning issues of educational methodologies and practices that can help integrate creative dance into the curricula of schools and vocational institutions.
Valentina Firinu – Assistant in statistical data analysis
Valentina Firinu held a two-years-Master in “School and Community Psychology” at the University of Bologna in 2010 and a bachelor in “Sciences of Behaviour and Social Relations” at the University of Bologna in 2006. In 2010-2011 she has done her vocational training for the profession of psychologist at the faculty of Psychology (University of Bologna). She has mastered the data analysis procedure by Excel and SPSS software starting from her dissertation. The training activities has been coordinated by professor Felice Francesco Carugati.
Fabio Regazzi – Responsible of the Laboratory of Music Technology, Dpt. of Music and Performing Arts, University of Bologna
Fabio Regazzi graduated in piano, composition and electronic music, since 1993 works at the Department of Music and Performing Arts as head of the Laboratory of Musical Informatics and he is involved in several research projects, and as head of the laboratory “DoMuS” (Documentazione della Musica e dello Spettacolo) in which he is employed as expert in re-recording and restoration of audio and video from analog media, especially tape and vinyl. As a musician, is particularly interested in the interaction between new technologies and the performer.
External collaborators:
Simona Carlotti – Primary school teacher, Rimini, Italy
Francesca Minigher – Primary school teacher, Bologna, Italy
Tainá García – Coleção de Instrumentos Musicais “Emilia Bíancard”, Salvador de Bahia, BrazilStudents assistants:
Elisabetta Baldassini
Maria Di Sarli
Chiara Grassi
Martina Leone