WP7: User interfaces

This workpackage will be devoted to the design and implementation of the two main interfaces of the project: the end-user (child) interfaces and the teacher interface. The interfaces for the children will be specific to each of the 3 applications (Miror-impro, Miror-Compo and Miror-Gesture) and will be notably designed for young child/children also using the platform alone. The teacher interface will enable the teacher to setup the sessions, record the various information, and manage this information off-line, after the sessions. The design of these interfaces will be made in parallel (though starting a bit later) with the development of these prototypes. The use of rapid prototyping tools such as EyesWeb Mobile will enable a generate-and-test approach, necessary to our user-centered iterative model of design. The user interface design will consider the integration of multimodal expressive interfaces, to facilitate full-body physical engagement, embodiment, enaction, and affective interaction. Special attention will be given to the analysis of users behaviour and on the study of the user tasks, in order to capture at best the intentions expressed non-verbally by users, to face embodied movements in shared spaces to facilitate co-creation, improvisational communication, both among children and among children and teachers. The user interfaces will evolve continuously during the project, according to the iterative user-centred design process model. The design will be made by the technical partners (UNIGE and SONY FRANCE), in collaboration with the psycho-pedagogical partners (UNIBO, UGOT, NKUA, UNIEXE) and SME partner (COMP), that will prepare the user requirement specification and carry out selected user tests. The user interfaces will be created in cooperation by above partners while the SME (COMP) will be responsible to supply all graphics items and to ensure “user friendliness” as well as to supply screen designs, animations all to ensure “look& feel” which will be instrumental during the Dissemination and Exploitation (WP8).