WP8: Dissemination and Exploitation

This WP aims at defining and initiating the exploitation of the project results by the Consortium, as well as disseminating them to the general scientific and educational community. The dissemination includes both the scientific dissemination (conferences and presentations) and the dissemination of the public part of the developed software. The dissemination to main school systems will be realised by specific public events and activities. These phases will be based on the “internet exploitation strategy” and will also be supported by the work of the Advisory and Liaison Board (ALB). A Wiki portal will be created where users will be able to contribute on the documentation, support to teachers, and user Guides. The objective is to consolidate and extend a community of users starting from the Liaison Board, with the aim of establishing an autonomous life after the end of the project.
Academic exploitation: exploitation of the scientific results concerning the “reflexive interaction” paradigm as applied at the child/machine interaction and learning/teaching process, in several contexts, such as human/computer interaction, music system environments, didactic purpose, high schools training and teaching.
Industrial exploitation: after a preliminary market analysis aimed at identifying and evaluating the demand for this kind of product, industrial partners will identify a plan for the industrial exploitation of the project outcomes.