Scenario no. 10: Teacher training

Suitable for: music teachers, educators, teachers of compulsory schools and dance teachers, as well as university students

Short Description:
Viewpoint of the training teacher
Teacher are invited by the trainer to work in small groups having to imagine a musical event that can be characterized by a particular form, rhythmic organisation, melodic contour, dynamic structure, and then invent a creative body composition with the aim of producing this musical event. Teachers have to rehearse and choose together what is the best way, for them, to move in order to give shape to their musical ideas.

Viewpoint of the trainer
The trainer can suggest to invent a musical event based on a symbolic narrative representation. The trainer, using Laban Movement Analysis, can observe and analyze how the teachers move in space.

Pedagogical Implementation
This scenario promotes self-regulation, self-initiated activities and collaborative learning (especially in the case of creative Composition ) among teachers/users. The session allows teachers to:
– explore and compose sounds and melodies using their bodies in situations where skills and challenges have to be balanced;
– focus their attention on the sounds, their relationship to bodily movement, and on the musical parameters that change.