Scenario no. 2: Variation game

Suitable for: primary school and music schools

Short Description:
Viewpoint of the child
The system initiates a musical phrase  taken from the
(previously recorded) repertoire of one of the children. The other child is asked to produce variations of this phrase. Roles are taken in turn. Each time a child plays a variation, a similarity score is displayed that measures how “close” or “distant” the phrase is from the target. This rule creates a “game” atmosphere enjoyed by the children.

Pedagogical Implementation
The capacity to imitate is closely related to the listener acuity (isolate, identify and memorize different notes) as well as to the level of mastery of the music instrument (here the keyboard). Precise goals can be set up such as differentiating between low pitched and high-pitched notes, between clusters of notes and monodies, or between energetic and soft musical expressions. They can also be used to measure the level of spontaneous creativity of each child.