WP4: MIROR Prototypes

The overall objective of WP4 is to develop the MIROR platform as a set of prototypes and related technologies, to be used by the various experiments. More specifically, the plan is to:
Produce a robust IRMS music improvisation software, the MIROR-Improvisation, addressing all issues known before the start of the project. This software will be used right away for the first experiments.
Produce the MIROR-Composition software. This software will in particular introduce linguistic components in the interaction and will allow users to create structured musical objects.
Integrate the IRMS paradigm with the approach based on research challenges on the analysis and synthesis of multisensory expressive gesture and context awareness. Multisensory processing will be achieved by means of the integration and further development of novel multimodal interfaces. Multimodality and context-awareness will be used in the development of collaborative music systems in the IRMS paradigm.
Develop MIROR-Body Gesture prototype with interfaces based on expressive gesture analysis, to study new forms of musical interaction and new types of IRMS for learning and performance.