Scenario no. 7: Sound design

Suitable for: primary schools

Short Description:
Viewpoint of the child
Children listen to music taken from the MIROR database, and they are asked to make drawings, through a gesture interface, according to how we feel the music. Then the system (MIROR-Composition) transforms children’s drawings in tags, and these tag represent and cluster sounds that have similar features. Every time a body gesture is played to the system, it remembers it.

Viewpoint of the teacher

The teacher tells us that if we are not satisfied we can change these gestures as we want.

Pedagogical Implementation
MIROR-Composition allows the children to:
– produce sound variations using the tags they have defined before;
– learn to manipulate musical parameters (timbre, length, pulse, pitch, melody, rhythm, articulation, etc.);
– create a personal repository of descriptors, and learn how to map these two together.