Scenario no. 4: Collaborative playing

Suitable for: primary school and kindergarten

Short Description:
Viewpoint of the child
Two or more children are involved in a musical dialogue with MIROR-Improvisation. Each child plays on a keyboard linked to a specific instance of the system. The different systems are connected to each other and produce a common musical output. Each child has to understand to which extent the output produced by the system incorporates elements of his style or not.

Viewpoint of teacher
Games are organized in which the children have to build cooperatively a common musical repository, consisting of the accumulation of each child’s stylistic repertoire.

Pedagogical Implementation
Children will be made sensitive to the subtle multimodal aspects which interfere during collaborative music performance. The system improves interaction components: the potential for common pulse, the synchronisation of events that require negotiation and agreement from two or more performers, the identification of performative roles.