Scenario no. 1 Free Play

Suitable for: nursery to primary school

Short Description:
Viewpoint of the child
The system replies to the users and progressively it adapts to the user’s style. Children can teach it to play in a particular mood. Two children can play with the system.  At the individual level, the database of the system can be used to automatically retrieve sessions at the next individual session with the children.  The teacher can build up an accumulated profile of the children interaction with the system.

View point of the teacher
The teacher, with the MIROR-Body Gesture, can measure quantitatively the evolution of the children’s performance in terms of musical and behavioural cues.

Pedagogical Implementation
This session  allows the children to: develop intrinsic motivation, learn how the system and the rules of interaction work, explore the keyboard, improvise musical phrases, develop an individual musical style, listen attentively to their own musical production and the system’s one, listen to the musical style of another child, imitate different musical style, learn to interact with a partner by using sounds.
Allows the teacher to use the machine diagnostic outcomes of the children’s gesture fluidity. Teacher can also observe the musical skills of children.