Scenario no. 3: Structuring the musical shape

Suitable for: primary school and music schools

Short Description:
Viewpoint of the child
In this session, the child creates closure musical patterns, and she/he teaches these patterns to the system. Thanks to its mirroring effect the system reinforces the “shaping” intention of the child.

Viewpoint of the mother/teacher
The mother is free to listen or to get out of the room. The mother observes that her child plays in a self-initiated and in autonomous way. The mother plays with her child.

Pedagogical Implementation
The child and the system learn to build musical structure in a collaborative way. In this session the child learns intuitively how to teach the system, and acts as a tutor with his mother and friend.
This session allows the child to create an individual and personal way to generate musical phrases which are characterized by a peculiar and original structure.