UNIGE – Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy)

The role of the University of Genova in the MIROR Project is to integrate the IRMS prototype with new interfaces based on the expressive gesture analysis and synthesis, in order to study new form of musical expression. DIST – InfoMus Lab role is focused on extending the IRMS paradigm with research challenges on analysis and synthesis of multisensory expressive gesture, by means of novel multimodal interfaces integrating tangible acoustic interfaces. DIST – InfoMus Lab will participate in the organization of high-level education, dissemination and organization of scientific public events at its Casa Paganini Intl. centre of excellence.
Gualtiero Volpe – Scientific responsible and Principal Investigator
Gualtiero Volpe received the MSc degree in computer engineering in 1999 and the PhD in electronic and computer engineering in 2003 from the University of Genoa, Italy. Since 2005 he is Assistant Professor at DIST-InfoMus, University of Genoa, where he teaches Human-Computer Interaction, Multimodal Systems, and Foundations of Computer Engineering. He worked as work-package leader in several EU-ICT projects in the EU FP5, FP6, and FP7. Besides his role in MIROR, he is currently participating in the EU-ICT projects SAME and SIEMPRE. He is author of more than 80 scientific publications. He was Chairman of V Intl Gesture Workshop, Guest Editor of a special issue of Journal of New Music Research on Expressive Gesture in Performing Arts and New Media, co-chair of the NIME 2008 intl. conference, and of the eNTERFACE09 summer workshop on multimodal interfaces. His research interests include intelligent and affective human-machine interaction, sound and music computing, modeling and real-time analysis and synthesis of expressive content in music and dance, and multimodal interactive systems. Dr. Volpe received the “Outstanding leadership award” at the IEEE Intl. Conference on Social Computing 2009 (SocialCom09), IEEE CS.
Antonio Camurri – Member of the Research Group
Antonio Camurri received the Laurea in electronic engineering from University of Genoa in 1984, and the PhD in computer engineering in 1990. He is Associate Professor at University of Genoa where he teaches Human Computer Interaction and Multimedia Systems. He is founder and scientific director of the InfoMus Lab and of the Casa Paganini – InfoMus Intl. Research Centre, founding member of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, Associate Editor of Journal of New Music Research. His research interests include multimodal intelligent interfaces, non-verbal affective and expressive communication, kansei information processing, multimedia interactive systems, sound and music computing. He is author of more than 120 scientific publications, chairman, and member of scientific committees of intl. conferences and workshops, editor of special issues (e.g., the IEEE Multimedia Journal special issue on “Multisensory Communication and Experience through Multimedia”, 2004). He is Coordinator of EU IST and ICT projects (IST MEGA, ICT SAME, ICT FET SIEMPRE), and local project manager in several other EU projects for University of Genoa. He is responsible for University of Genoa of industry contracts and is owner of several patents on software systems. Prof. Camurri is member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE CS Tech. Committee on Computer Generated Music.

Donald Glowinski – Member of the Research Group

Donald Glowinski’s background covers scientific and humanistic academic studies as well as high-level musical training: EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) MSc, in Cognitive Science, CNSMDP (Conservatoire National Suprieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris) MSc in Music and Acoustics, Sorbonne-Paris IV MSc. in Philosophy. He recently obtained a Phd in computing engineering at Casa Paganini – InfoMus, in Genoa, Italy (supervisor: Prof. Antonio Camurri). He was chairman of the Club NIME 2008 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Genoa, 2008. His research interests include user-centric, multimodal and social aware computing. He works in particular on the modeling of automatic gesture-based recognition of emotions in real-world scenarios.

Corrado Canepa – Member of the Research Group

Corrado Canepa is designer of hardware and software systems for multimedia, musician, and composer. Since thirty years, his activity concerns sound and music communication and computing in several application domains, ranging from performing arts, to music recording, to music education. In particular, he participated in pilot projects for teaching the foundations of music composition and audiovisual production at school. In 1984, he founded InfoMus Lab together with Antonio Camurri. Since 2004, he works as scientific collaborator at Casa Paganini – InfoMus where he contributed to the design and development of several applications, e.g., the systems for the music theatre performance “Un avatar del diavolo” (composer R. Doati), the scientific demonstrations at Casa Paganini – InfoMus for the Festivals of Science 2005 – 2010, the multimedia systems for the permanent installations “Viaggiatori di Sguardo” (Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy, virtual exploration of cultural heritage), “Esploratore d’Orchestra” (Museo degli Strumenti Musicali, Accademia di S.Cecilia, Roma, Italy, exploration of a virtual orchestra), and at the naturalistic museum at La Roche d’Oëtre, France. He was chair for demos and installation at the 2008 Intl. Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME2008, Genova, Italy). He won several international prizes as a composer of electro-acoustic music.

Cinzia Leone – Administrative project management

Cinzia Leone works at DIST – University of Genoa since 2002 as member of the administrative project management team. Official point of reference for the University Research Department, she worked at the preparation and negotiation of several EU Projects. She manages the financing for Italian and international research at DIST and is responsible for the administrative review of DIST projects by the European Commission, European Court of Auditors, and other supervisory authorities. She also manages legal and tax issues, department regulations, and relations with customers and international suppliers.